Serial RF Module - RFCom Trans 200m RoSH (1 PCS)

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RFCom is bese on 433MHz RF moduel - CC1101, but not only CC1101. RFCom there is a ARM kernal and Convert Serial/UART communication over RF. Using 433MHz, range longer than similar module employing bluetooth. As an application example, using along with my another auction, can interface with PC over USB directly. Half duplex operation, can talk with another RFCom module at the same channel of 433MHz band. Setting by AT command, and transmission distance up to 200 meters in the straight line open environment.

Default, you can direct use two or more RFCom send data by Serial/UART.Just keep RFCom's three parameter the same each other:

  • Baud rate: 9600


  • Channel : 001


  • Address : 000


<Wireless serial/UART port.

  • Replace Bluetooth Long-distance transmission.


  • One to many, works liked walkie-talkie.


  • TI cc1101 wireless transceiver plus LV-TTL UART interface. 100m open space wireless range. Half duplex operation.


  • 5V-3.6V operation. On-module power regulator, can operate directly with USB power.


  • Default 9600 baud. Can operate at higher speed but with the expense of more error and shorter range. Baud rate/channel can be modified using specific AT command.


  • Size:13.5×28.2mm

You can change the parameter by AT command. So, you need enter AT mode. But how ? Let's look the RFCom pin:

1: power, 3.3 V to 5 V. (early version is 3.3 V)

2: Gnd.

3: RX (TTL)

4: TX (TTL)

5: Key( High level enter AT mode)

You just need change the Key pin's voltage level to enter or exit AT mode anytime. Here, we strongly recommended connect with Bluetooth Bee adapter a compact USB to serial adapter. By using Bee adapter, you could easy enter or exit AT mode by Key swith on Bee adapter. 

RF Module Datasheet (RF_Module.pdf, 602 Kb) [Download]